ARB Summit Bar

ARB Summit Bar


Whilst the 2014 facelift to the Landrover Discovery was visually similar to the pre 2014 model, there were enough changes to warrant ARB’s engineers to design and develop an ARB Summit bar rather than a facelift ARB Deluxe bar. Chassis mount design has been carried over but the bar assembly is all new to suit the 2014 on model Discovery and now provides provision for the original equipment headlight washers, provision for ARB fog lights and fitment of ARB Intensity driving lights whilst allowing access to winch clutch levers. Please note that adaptive cruise control or the forward camera are not compatible with the ARB Summit Bar.

Product Specification

30mm radius on wings and centre section.
Superbly engineered, air bag compatible mounting system secures to chassis via high tensile bolts and hardware. Split pan design for maximum strength and airflow.
2 piece grill design for split pan.
Extensive protection panels on centre and either side. The centre panel includes additional laser cut and folded flaps for additional airflow.
60.3mm outer frames and centre cross bar.
Formed cover strap.
Pressed form top pan and aluminium (powder coated satin black) winch cover panel.
Combination style bar to suit both winch and non-winch applications.
Twin Hi-Lift jack points located below each buffer for optimum strength.
Durable two piece buffers including cover strap intersection caps.
Will accommodate Warn, Magnum, Bushranger and Smittybilt low mount model electric winches up to 10,000lb.
Provision for Original Equipment front parking sensors. Blanking plugs supplied if no OE parking sensors fitted.
Provision for Original Equipment headlights washers.
Provision to accommodate ARB Intensity LED’s and a range of IPF lights.
Provision for optional ARB Fog Light kit part no 3500590.
Provision for optional Roller Fairlead Cover part no 3500850.
Includes ARB LED Indicator and Clearance light.
Two aerial brackets located on the top of the centre fame.
Bar adds approximately 160mm to the overall length of the vehicle.
Approximate weight of the bar, chassis mounts and fitting kit is 77kg.
Zinc rich primer for additional rust resistance.
Finished in a hard wearing satin black powder coat.


The 3432220 Summit Bar for the Landrover Discovery 4 includes provision for the original equipment front parking sensors. Parking sensors have been mapped in their original position on a standard equipment Discovery 4 HSE. When fitted to the ARB Summit Bar the outer sensors are located approximately 70mm higher than the OE condition. The two central positions are approximately 80mm higher than the OE condition. When fitted with larger diameter tyres and / or aftermarket suspension (if available) these parking sensor positions and hence range may also be affected. Further real world testing has been conducted evaluating the operation of the sensors against such items as rubbish bins, parking bollards, wire fences, large rocks and step driveway entrances. Test results show that sensor performance is replicated as close as practical with the change in height of the sensors location. When fitted, the parking sensors sit proud of the face of the bar. If the vehicle is not fitted with the OE parking sensors blanking plugs are included.


The centre under pan protection panel includes laser cut and folded flaps to both add to the strength of the panel and to aid with air flow to the radiator. The centre and side protection panels are manufactured from laser cut and folded 2mm steel. These panels are finished with a zinc rich primer and a top satin black powder coat.


The cover strap on ARB’s Summit Bar is a 62.6mm formed cover strap. The press form adds strength and visually the wider cover strap suits the larger diameter tube and 30mm radius of the pans. The intersection of cover strap and buffers is covered by a cover strap intersection cap.


ARB’S Summit Bar range features a pressed form top pan. The press form adds strength to the pan whilst allowing for the winch cover panel to be recessed for a seamless appearance.

Antenna Mounts:

Two aerial mounts are welded to the centre cross tube to allow fitment of UHF/AM radio and mobile phone aerials/antennas.


The 2014 on Discovery Summit Bar features two piece buffers, centre pan grill and ARB’s fog light surround (Fog light part number 3500590 is optional. Refer following fog light section). All three components are designed to integrate with each other and the bar design. The upright section of the two piece buffer has a style line to complement the fog light surround. The intersection of the cover strap and buffer is covered by a cover strap intersection cap to neatly finish the pressed form cover strap. To provide access to winch clutch handles and to assist with valuable airflow to the radiator and intercooler the split pan has a two piece grill for an integrated, OE style appearance. An access door on the left hand side allows access to winch clutch handles. This door also overcomes clutch lever access when larger lights are fitted to the top pan.


ARB’s Summit Bar for the Discovery features ARB’s new fog light surround that accepts ARB’s 51W Fog Light, part number 3500590. The surround is supplied standard with a screw in cover if no fog light is to be fitted. The fog light surround will be supplied in a natural black finish to complement the buffer and design. Original equipment fog lights are a 50W halogen globe. ARB Auxiliary Fog Light Loom Part number 3500640 is required if fitting the ARB Fog Light option. A clear fog light cover has been developed separately under part number 3500680.


Press form apertures in each wing are provided to fit ARB’s LED clearance light / turn signal.


The ARB Summit Bar for the Discovery has been designed to accommodate the following winches:
Warn M8000, XD9000, XP9.5 and XDC 9.5
Warn ZEON 8, 8-S, 10 and 10-S
Warn ZEON Platinum 10, 10-S
Warn Magnum 8K, Magnum 10K
Smittybilt Gen2 X20 10K
Bushranger DV-9TH, DS-9.5TH and Seal 9.5TH

The Summit Bar has an integrated control box mount that recesses the control box lower in the pan. Different mount holes and control box mount brackets are provided to suit different winches. Fitting instructions for the kit have further information as to which mount hole or bracket is suitable. Please note that not all winches on the market will have mount holes predrilled. The recessed control box mount in conjunction with the wider split pan greatly assist with airflow requirements of the Discovery 4. Additional fit kits are required depending on the winch being fitted:
3500720 WINCH INSTALL KIT SUMMIT BAR|. This kit includes a newly designed flip up number plate bracket.
Warn ZEON and ZEON Platinum fitment requires Warn part number W89965 Short Wiring Kit.
Warn ZEON Platinum fitment may require part No W94288 Enhanced Signal Kit.
Winches fitted with a hawse fairlead will require part No 3500600 Hawse Fairlead Spacer Kit.


A 4mm aluminium press formed winch cover panel, for when no winch is being fitted, is supplied with the Discovery Summit Bar. When fitted the winch cover panel is recessed in the press form top pan to give a level and integrated appearance. The cover is supplied in a satin black powder coat finish.


Two aerial mounts are welded to the centre cross tube to allow fitment of UHF/AM radio and mobile phone aerials/antennas. Synchro pulse controlled welding is used for a visually appealing weld with seam quality that it comparable with that of a TIG weld.


Hi-Lift jack points are located directly below the buffers. The Hi-Lift jack point is welded directly to the upright on either side and is designed to prevent the Hi-Lift jack from interfering with the buffer.


The press formed top pan includes laser cut holes for fitment of a range of compatible driving lights including ARB Intensity, Bushranger and IPF 800, 808 and 900 Series lights. Pinning holes for ARB Intensity lights are included. It is recommended that driving lights are fitted at the time of bar fitment. If driving lights are being fitted after the bar has been fitted, the centre lower stone tray will need to be removed to provide access to the right hand side driving light mount.

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